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collapse Category : 1 Student Council ‎(1)

​A reminder that the pep Rally Committee meeting this evening will be at 7 PM in Room 23.

Expires: 8/28/2014
Category: 1 Student Council
Created: 8/28/2014 7:03 AM
collapse Category : 2 Clubs ‎(6)

There is a list in the main hall of students who need to pick up thier yearbook and there is a list on the announcement page.​  Please pick it up in the DEVELOPMENT office before leaving school on Friday

Expires: 8/29/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/28/2014 1:54 PM

The following students need to pick up their yearbook sometime today in the development office:
SENIORS class of 2015
Ackerman, bono, Brueggemeyer, Campbell, Capannari, Cunningham, deters, eilert, Feeney, fieler, finn, Garvey, gibbs, holmes, Huesman, hughes, jett, keiholz, Kraemer, mazza, mckeel, morris, mullen, Niehaus, Orloff, rhoads, zack Sullivan, Tiernan, warren, Wilburn
JUNIORS class of 2016
Allgeyer, Allison, Breiner, Burgasser, burke, Deutenberg, duke, fanning, Fortman, furniss, Greisl, hall, Heckmuller, Herren, Hofmeyer, Kandra, Kraemer, kraft, Lockwood, luebbers, lynd, mardis, marsh, martini, Melvin, merkle, Orloff, Oswald, Perrmann, Pflum, Schenkel, Schroer, Squeri, Stacklin, Uhlhorn, Waldeck
SOPHOMORES class of 2017
Anneken, ashe, Bareswilt, brocker, carnes, cole, Corbett, dirksing, Feckter, Geigle, greely, Hambleton, hoeting, Hofmeyer, Hoinke, Jansen, john, Juntunen, Kaminsky, Klumb, Klusman, lyons, mcgrail, Mischell, Morena, brandon murphy, ryan murphy, noeth, o’brien, Ondeck, Pfaffinger, reuss, rosen, Sehlhorst, collier smith, Devlin smith, Stringfellow, Sullivan, Thompson, trotta, vale, vinel, weathersby, Westerkamp, yount


Expires: 8/29/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/28/2014 1:48 PM

​Come to the first meeting of Spanish Club tomorrow morning (Friday) before school in room 122. Enjoy some churros con chocolate and learn what we'll be doing this year!  Air conditioning in the room is not guaranteed, but extremely likely.

Expires: 8/29/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/28/2014 7:30 AM

(Read in morning announcements only)

Attention fans of Anime, Manga, and Fan-Fiction. You are welcome join the newly formed Otaku Club. We will meet in room S132 after school on Thursdays. If you have questions you can see Mr. Jameson.​

Expires: 8/28/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/27/2014 10:28 AM

The 2015 yearbooks are on sale now.

Order forms were distributed in homeroom yesterday. You can also download the form from on the left side at the bottom.

Expires: 9/5/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/25/2014 3:04 PM

The 2014 yearbooks will be distributed at all lunches this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

You do not need your receipt if you are on the master list. If you have been saving your receipt this whole year I say you just bring it!!

If you have any questions please call Mrs. Hirth - 921-3460.


Expires: 8/29/2014
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 8/25/2014 3:01 PM
collapse Category : 3 Classroom Changes ‎(1)

​Mr. Schroer's 4th Bell Physics class will be moving from room 305 to room 307.

Expires: 8/28/2014
Category: 3 Classroom Changes
Created: 8/27/2014 8:57 PM
collapse Category : 4 General ‎(3)

Tomorrow will be a PURPLE FRIDAY!
Any deviation from the normal dress code would require the minimum of a shirt/sweatshirt/jacket (outermost piece of clothing) that is distinctly “ELDER” and purple, white, black, or gray in color.
All dress items are to be in good repair. The torso is to be covered (i.e. shirts with sleeves).
Acceptable dress would be gym shoes, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, Elder t-shirts, Elder sweatshirts.
Unacceptable dress would be cutoffs, tank tops, sandals, moccasins, slippers, etc.

Expires: 8/29/2014
Category: 4 General
Created: 8/28/2014 6:25 AM

Parking spots through the parking lottery are posted outside Mr. Ruffing's office and in the cafeteria.
Students who have been assigned a parking spot should get their parking tag today during lunch.
Parking assignments start TOMORROW (Thursday).
Those students who did not get a spot will get their money back next week.
Community Service spots (#53-64 and 75-96) are open parking until those spots are assigned.
All students who drive to school must register their vehicles on-line at school through your student portal. Any vehicle that you may possibly drive to school should be registered, even if you park on the street.

Expires: 8/28/2014
Category: 4 General
Created: 8/19/2014 12:29 PM

Reminder that ALL cars must be moved from the Schaeper Lot BY 3:00 pm TODAY and EVERY DAY.

Category: 4 General
Created: 8/20/2014 7:19 AM
collapse Category : 7 See Staff Member ‎(1)

The following students need to see Mr. Owens today before leaving school:

Jake Geiser
Kyle Kehling 
Mark Klusman
Eli Guck
Sam Halloran
Austin James
Alex Wertz
Jack Streicher
David Guck
Andrew White
Nate Schatzman

Expires: 8/28/2014
Category: 7 See Staff Member
Created: 8/28/2014 7:46 AM

 Lunch Menu

8/28/2014 3:00 PM Panther Burger, French Fries, Tossed Salad 
8/29/2014 3:00 PM Panther Pizza, French Fries 
(More Events...)

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