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Daily Announcements
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The Ski Club will be braving the 50 degree temperatures to make a trip down to the slopes tomorrow afternoon.  Any Ski Club memebers in need of a ride can sign up for the school van in room 314.  First come, first served.​

Expires: 1/18/2017
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 1/17/2017 7:42 AM

​All Video Production Team members please meet Mr. Fuell in the main lobby by the main office at this time.

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 2 Clubs
Created: 1/17/2017 7:22 AM

​The Academic Team will face Seton Tuesday afternoon at Cincinnati State.  Both the varsity and reserve have matches at 3:30.  The varsity also has a second match against Purcell-Marian at 4:15.  Members should meet in Room 11 immediately after school today.

Expires: 1/17/2017
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Created: 1/16/2017 10:15 AM
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​Mr. Rankin's 6th period health class will meet in room 5.

Expires: 1/18/2017
Category: 3 Classroom Changes
Created: 1/16/2017 3:15 PM
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​Students in the online Health class for 2nd semester should download the textbook here.Glencoe Health 2005.pdfGlencoe Health 2005.pdf

Expires: 1/23/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/16/2017 3:27 PM

X-Lunch (4th period classes; lunch before 4th)

Z-lunch (5th period classes; lunch after 5th)

Bell-Comparative Religions


Schoenfeld-Community Service

Espelage-Physical Science


Geis-Algebra/Geometry pt. 1

Currin-Calculus AB

Hanks-French 1

Eisele-Am. History

Dickman-Old Testament


Warren-Catholic Social Teaching

Groszek-Algebra 2

Pope-Church History


Quatman-English 1

Schlomer-Calculus BC

Spencer-World Cultures


Wynn-Spanish 1



Tuttle-English 3


Weinheimer-English 4




Expires: 1/20/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/16/2017 3:14 PM
​TechOlympics is the largest entrepreneurship and technology conference for high school students in the nation - and it happens on February 24th-26th  in downtown Cincinnati at the Millennium Hotel.

Learn more about TechOlympics at a short informational meeting next Thursday morning at 7:15 AM in Schaeper Room #132 or at
Expires: 1/19/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/13/2017 7:42 AM

​Enjoy great subs while helping fight cancer. Join the Elder Relay for Life team on January 18th at 5070 Crookshank Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238 during all store hours. 15% of sales will go to help our cause. Thank You. To order call- (513) 922-7366

Expires: 1/19/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/10/2017 11:54 AM

​  The parking lotttery for the second semester is complete.  PLease check the list outside the student center or outside my office to verify your spot.  If you had a parking spot the 1st semester and also received a spot the 2nd semester, you can keep your parking tag.  Any student who had a spot the 1st semester but did not receive a spot this semester needs to turn their paring tag into Mr. Flaherty ASAP.  Parking for the 2nd semester will begin on Tuesday January 17, 2017.

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/10/2017 7:43 AM

Do Not Read:

​Good news for investors, the Hengehold Capital Management (HCM) - Elder Roth IRA applicatoin deadine has been extended to January 23, 2017.  This gives any current or past Personal Finance or Financial Literacy student who has earned income a bit more time to apply.

See the Hengehold Capital Management website for all the details: 

Remember, Dave Ramsey loves the Roth IRA because it grows...TAX FREE!!!  Click the link below to fill out the application. 

HCM-Elder Roth IRA application

Contact Mr. Schoenfeld or Mr. Listerman for more details.

Expires: 1/24/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/6/2017 2:16 PM

If you are currently a freshman, sophomore or junior, and have a cumulative GPA of 85 or greater at the end of the first semester 2016-2017 school year, you are eligible to apply for an Altiora/Droder Scholarship.  Download application below:

Altiora-Droder Scholarship.pdfAltiora-Droder Scholarship.pdf

Expires: 2/21/2017
Category: 4 General
Created: 1/3/2017 12:44 PM
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​The Elder freshman wrestling team won the Centerville Buckeye Classic over the weekend. 

126 – Eddie Lipps 4th

132 – Tanner Perdue 1st

132 – Cooper Mullen 6th

138 – Patrick Barrett 1st

145 – Tommy Thamann 1st

152 – Montana Klayman 3rd

170 – Nate Ficker 3rd

182 – Sebastian Bachler 3rd

220 – Quentin Gopal 3rd

220 – Grant Miller 5th

285 – Rowan Tolbert 2nd

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 6 Sports
Created: 1/17/2017 7:54 AM

​The JV wrestlers caaptured the team championship at JV Hammer & Anvil Tournament at Western Brown.

126 – Eric Kassow 1st

138 – Adam Klaserner 1st

145 – Hans Taylor 3rd

152 – Tom Feldman 1st

160 – Tyler Eshman 1st

170 – John Conners 1st

195 – Anthony Breitfelder 3rd

220 – Donnie Wilson 1st

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 6 Sports
Created: 1/17/2017 7:51 AM

There are a limited number of tickets left for the Oak Hills game tonight. We will put tickets on sale to students starting at 7:15am in Mr. Louis room 201.  Adults $8, Students $6 and $5 for childreen.  I f there are any tickets left we will put on sale at 10:45 in the Fieldhouse ticket office.​

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 6 Sports
Created: 1/16/2017 5:49 PM
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​Mr Rogers needs to see Connor Sullivan before first period begins on Tuesday 1-17.

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 7 See Staff Member
Created: 1/17/2017 7:27 AM

​Michael Kuhling and Austin Smith need to see Mr. Quatman in room 125 immediately following announcements. 

Expires: 1/18/2017
Category: 7 See Staff Member
Created: 1/16/2017 7:31 PM

The following photo students should stop by the Art Room some time today to see Mr. Buetsche:

Spencer Bono

Kaleb Cox

Dillon Laux

Joey Shoemaker

Expires: 1/17/2017
Category: 7 See Staff Member
Created: 1/16/2017 2:20 PM